Following are a selection of Sultan’s appearances in media, writings and other things of note in the last year

On Air

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On the Tesla customer experience (Fox Business) (FBN)

An interview discussing Sultan’s experience ordering, taking delivery and dealing with the post-delivery comedy of errors with Tesla.



Has The Battle For Quantum Supremacy Already Been Lost? (Medium)

Quantum technologies are poised to radically alter the technical, political and commercial landscape of the US-Chinese dynamic. As it stands, the US is in a greatly disadvantaged position and current investments do not close the gap in a meaningful timeline. From the US national security, to American competitiveness, a Chinese lead in Quantum could well define the rest of the 21st century.

This article is a re-published, edited for public consumption, version of a document presented to the US House of Representatives in the spring of 201.

Data is Holding Back AI (Medium, The Financial Revolutionist)

Last month, I was having a conversation with the CEO of a well-respected AI startup when I was struck by deja-vu. He said, “I swear, we have spent at least half of our funding on data management.” I wondered if this could actually be the case, so I pushed him, probing him with questions on automation, data quality and scaling. His answers all sounded remarkably familiar. Over the next two weeks, I contacted a few other AI startup executives — my criteria was that they had raised at least $10 million in funding and had a product in the market — and their answers were all strikingly similar.

Will People Start Taking Cybersecurity Seriously In 2018? (Forbes)

Cybersecurity needs to move from being a cost of doing business to being a strategic value to the organization. Find the partners that accelerate your change and give you access to the executive resources you need, when you need them -- quickly.

In Silence You Meet Yourself (Machine Learnings)

So for AI — what is its greatest opportunity? To serve as a buffer between us and our technology, this noise, this luxury we all are clamoring for. It’s time to move past paying $1,000 every year or so for a distraction machine and instead find moments to embrace our own unique humanity. And so I won’t be buying the latest smartphone, or interconnected home device. Instead, I will be watching how our technology leaders choose to target their AI — either on valuing and maturing all of humanity or valuing humanity’s commercial potential.

The Long Summer of AI (Financial Advisor Magazine)

“A lot of fintechs are waving the AI flag, Meghji says, and in the back office, Morgan Stanley, TD Ameritrade and JP Morgan are building robust AI programs. Last October, Greenwich Associates said in a report that 15% of jobs in finance are at risk of being replaced by AI or machine learning in areas like research, trading, analysis and sales.”


Public Speaking

Meghji has spoken at a large number of events, including the following

  • Missouri Bankers’ Association

  • American Bankers’ Association

  • Bank Director / Acquire or Be Acquired

  • University of Illinois

  • University of California, Berkeley

  • Washington University

  • Northwestern University

  • Harvard

  • MIT

  • National University of Singapore

  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

  • Singapore Fintech Week

  • Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center

  • United States Federal Bureau of Investigations

  • Structure Data (GigaOm)

  • Broad Institute


Sultan Meghji

Sultan Meghji is a respected international advisor and business executive with over 25 years of domain expertise in high tech, finance and biotechnology.

Meghji advises large private equity groups on technology, innovation and transformation. Launched and sold two start-ups, worked on the first web browser, the largest cloud computing exit of its time and the first cloud-based genetic analysis platform. Foundational research in artificial intelligence, high performance computing, algorithms and networking. Robust experience in establishing and growing operations in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

He also currently serves as an advisor to the UK and US national law enforcement community and to cabinet level officials within the American intelligence community. Cited as a technology and cybersecurity expert and published in major media and business publications like Forbes, Xconomy and The Financial Revolutionist.